Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Private Label Chest - Help your business BOOM!

What would you do with access to dozens and dozens
of products with giveaway and resell rights?

Well, you could...

Build your opt in list:

Offer subscribers a free gift for joining your opt-in newsletter
Give away some of the products as a bonus for signing up to your mailing list.

Add one regularly to your newsletter or auto responder to encourage your readers to look for your email messages Increase Your Website Traffic.

Create unlimited keyword specific doorway pages using the ebooks or software titles with resell rights. Simply point these pages to your main site and watch your traffic explode.

Promote them in ezines, safe lists and classified ads

Use them to create laser focused headlines and links for your signature file in all your email.

Offer them as links in the articles you write/publish.

Earn extra money:

Increase your sales by offering them as added bonuses on your sales page.

Add value after the sale by giving them away as bonuses in your thank you email.

Use them in your after sale follow up message series and bring customers back to your site again and again.

Create unique mini sales sites and offer packages to specific niches.

Create your own information niche bundled product packages and sell them.

Mixing hundreds of ebook titles, dozens of software packages and a little imagination, the possibilities are virtually endless.

I invite you to visit here for all the details.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A Domain Name that Sells

Domain registration is the first and most important step in setting up your online presence. If you’re registering a domain name for your own personal use, or if you are in the process of becoming the next great web entrepreneur this is where the process begins. This domain name or name(s) will be your brand, or what your visitors will remember you by. Your domain name must be easy to remember, easy to spell, and tells the visitor what your website is about. A good name in itself will help your visitors find you again and again. Sounds easy right? Well not necessarily. There are millions of people just like you that are trying to establish a web presence by registering their own little piece of cyberspace.

So, how do you find a good cheap domain name that fits all the criteria discussed above? Sometimes it will take hours to sift through the names, or sometimes by the luck of the draw a domain name that someone else has previously purchased has expired. What makes this task even more daunting are the speculators. Just like in real estate, where there isn’t an endless supply of property, there is not an infinite amount of cyberspace especially in the top level domains such as .com, .biz, .net or .org. These speculators hoard internet domain names, and attempt to sell them at a profit. Some make a great living purchasing cheap domain names, and sell these domains they registered at hundreds, if not thousands of times the original purchase price. You need to focus on simplicity, have a brainstorming session, think about your site, think about what you’re attempting to accomplish, and the theme of your website. You can be creative with your name, and sometimes out of necessity you may have to substitute words and numbers such as the number 4 instead of the word “for”. Short forms for words work as well such as “u” instead of the word “you”. Just remember keep it simple, watch out for getting too involved in text lingo, unless of course that is your target market. Another caveat, be careful of double letters in multi-word domains. For instance has the double letter “s” in it. It can confuse potential visitors to the site. It was an acceptable domain for me, since the word “slashed” is such an attention getter. Just remember this - when anyone types in a domain name - .com is almost automatic.

After you have brainstormed your list of possible domain names to register, find yourself a reputable domain registration service. Once you find a domain registration service you are happy with, start trying the domains, one at a time to see which domain names are available. Some of the so called experts say you should, if you can register all the top level domains with your name. For example, if you attempt to register , you would register all the other domains as previously mentioned (.net, .org, .biz). This will ensure a lock on the market and the speculators would be locked out, preventing them from receiving any spillover traffic that was meant for your site. This leads to another issue. My site,, anyone can register any deviation of the name, or miss-spelling, in hopes to steal traffic. The bottom line, be protective of your domain, and always try to register as many combinations as you can.

If your interested in buying cheap domains, or entering the world of domain name speculation I recommend I have been using them for all my online needs for several years. Their customer support is second to none!

Friday, July 6, 2007

A Free Xbox 360 Elite - Is that Possible?

If your like me, you spend a lot of time surfing the internet looking for opportunities. I will sometimes sign up for things just to see if they work, and then see if I can make some money doing it. Occasionally in my travels I come across sites that offer free 360's or free big screen tv's. What I didn't realize is that a lot of these sites are totally legit. Not only that but people are willing to pay good money to have you complete these offers for them, for just a few minutes work. Project Payday is the site where you can learn all about "going green" and how to get paid for this.
Within minutes of signing up to the free forum, and announcing I was a newbie, and I needed help, I had 35 offers from people willing to pay me anywhere from $15 to $85 to complete offers for them. Within 3.5 hours I had $120.00 deposited into my paypal account. Unbelievable! You may not get rich doing this, but it will sure help with the bills. I started small when I began this, but I couldn't believe how easy it was. Try it out, let me know how you make out.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Earn money the Easy Way

Here is another great money making opportunity that I found the other day. It's called Hit$ForPay. It's so easy to earn some extra cash while visiting and viewing advertisers offers, and by referring others to their website. It cost nothing to join! If your like me you spend hours of your time looking new ways to generate extra income, why not get paid to surf?

Highest Paying Advertising Program!

Quite simply, Hits4Pay is one of the few companies which pays the highest in the industry. You can earn a monthly check from the efforts of 2 levels. All credits are recorded in real time and can be viewed from your members area 24/7.

1. Signup Reward: Earn $10 in your Hits4Pay account as soon as you signup for a free account.

2. Direct Income: Earn $0.02 for each advertiser's email that you read from us.

3. Direct Referral Income (level one): Earn $0.01. Refer us to a few friends and earn $0.01 for each email that they read. You will get credit for your direct referral reading emails.

4. Referral Income: (level two): Earn $0.01. When your direct referrals refer others, you earn $0.01 for them reading the emails we send them.

5. Payout: Any account that has reached the minimum payout of $25.00 or more will be zeroed out on the 1st of every month, and checks mailed out on or before the 15th.

With their compensation plan, your income is leveraged and could add up to a substantial monthly income, just by reading emails from us.


Included in each email there is a confirmation link. Click this link once and our advertiser's website will show up. All your earnings and the activities of your referrals are tracked, recorded and reported in real-time.

Get Paid Monthly!

Checks are sent directly to your mailing address on the 15th of each month as soon as the balance in your account reaches $25. If your balance does not reach the minimum then your balance will roll over till it does.

A Win Win Situation

  1. You Win by reading emails of your choice and getting paid for it up to 3 referral levels.

  2. Their advertisers win by getting more exposure to their websites and offers and reaching their targeted audience.

  3. They win by keeping their affiliates and advertisers happy.

It's Free to Join - Get $10.00 Sign Up Bonus!

Simply signup and you will begin receiving emails from the category of interest that you choose during signup process. You can choose a minimum of 10 categories and a maximum of 25 categories of interest.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Is a few minutes of your time worth $7.50

I found another great opportunity to make some extra cash. PayPerPost has an exciting new opportunity, Review My Post program! By simply putting a badge at the bottom of *EVERY* post, you can invite new prospective Posties to review your blog posts! When someone clicks on this badge and signs up with PayPerPost, a special opportunity is created JUST FOR THEM! The $7.50 opportunity asks them to write a post in their blog reviewing a post on YOUR blog.

This is a great opportunity for you to earn money and grow your sphere of influence. You can generate thousands of links back to your site and earn money for each link! As soon as the new Postie gets paid for reviewing your blog you get paid $7.50! To get the most out of this program, be sure to place this badge code at the bottom of every post on your blog, even the ones that aren't sponsored posts. The more posts that the badge is tagged to, the wider variety of content potential posties have to blog about when they review your post! The easiest way to achieve this is to simply modify your blog post template so that the badge automatically appears whenever you post a new blog.

Easiest Money Ever

I'm relentless when it comes to the internet. Always looking for a new income stream online. I found another one that is so simple and easy that anyone can do it. Well anyone 16 and over. I found a site that pays you to browse the web. It's something that I do for hours a time, why not get paid to do it? Its so simple and so easy, I started making money within seconds....yes seconds of signing up. By taking advantage of the online advertising program, as a potential online consumer, you can actually get paid for your web browsing, up to $5.00 for every 30 seconds worth of work. The income you earn is paid directly to you every month. The best part about the program is that as a potential online consumer, there is no charge to register your new account and begin earning money immediately. What could be easier, what could be better than free money. Gotta luv it!!

Check out the banner at the bottom of the page and start earning money immediately!!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

A bird in the hand is worth 4 in the basement

I have been scouring the web for ideas on how to make money at home. I haven't had very much luck, spending hours and hours looking and researching, trying to find genuine ideas instead of money grabbing scams. I have now turned my basement into a small aviary. I have a love for birds, and an opportunity arose that allowed me to take this small step. I have 2 breeding pair of birds, a pair of yellow sided green cheeks, as well as for lack of a better word, normal green cheeked conures. I do have a blog about what I intend on doing and how it will progress along. If you like to read about it I invite you to stop into the blog and take a look around. I am also in the process of developing a complimentary site but that is at least a month away. Of course, adsense will still be of great interest to me. Maybe I can make a few extra pennies there too.