Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Is a few minutes of your time worth $7.50

I found another great opportunity to make some extra cash. PayPerPost has an exciting new opportunity, Review My Post program! By simply putting a badge at the bottom of *EVERY* post, you can invite new prospective Posties to review your blog posts! When someone clicks on this badge and signs up with PayPerPost, a special opportunity is created JUST FOR THEM! The $7.50 opportunity asks them to write a post in their blog reviewing a post on YOUR blog.

This is a great opportunity for you to earn money and grow your sphere of influence. You can generate thousands of links back to your site and earn money for each link! As soon as the new Postie gets paid for reviewing your blog you get paid $7.50! To get the most out of this program, be sure to place this badge code at the bottom of every post on your blog, even the ones that aren't sponsored posts. The more posts that the badge is tagged to, the wider variety of content potential posties have to blog about when they review your post! The easiest way to achieve this is to simply modify your blog post template so that the badge automatically appears whenever you post a new blog.

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foogi92 said...

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