Thursday, December 7, 2006

Part-time Work, Full-time Pay

In the past advertising revenue was reserved for those sites with large amounts of traffic, now even teenagers like my son are making a quick buck with their online hobby blogs, talking about movies, music, and video games. People also place adsense advertising on their online family photo albums, their blogs and their business sites all the time, even with a small amount of traffic, you could end up having your web hosting costs paid for. With blogs, you don’t even have those costs to consider. Sites like blogger don’t charge for hosting. What could be better than that? Nothing better than an opportunity to make money free, only investing your time doing something you love.

Adsense has revolutionized the world of paid advertising. In the past cheesy, ugly, insert your negative adjective here banner advertising littered every website, as site owners attempted to monetize their site. Google Adsense is very different; it can blend in and compliment your site with ads that are built around the topic on the page, making the ads targeted to your reader. Income is derived from the number of clicks generated from the visitors, giving the site/blog owner an unlimited income potential. Keyword prices or payouts to the site owner can be particularly lucrative, even if there are only a few ads on the site.

Google adsense has dominated the web; with the opportunity to generate passive income, with little work on the website/blog, more and more people are jumping on the adsense bandwagon, and using Google adsense to generate money. Some of the highest earners manage to attract enough visitors with quality content to easily make thousands of dollars each and every month, just from using adsense alone! I am slowly starting to generate regular monthly income from this blog. This is definitely not a get rich quick scheme. It takes a lot of dedication, many postings, and quality posts.

One of the other benefits of adsense, is fact that anyone can apply to use Google adsense for free. Signing up for blogger has made it even easier, since it is owned by Google itself. These two facts have caused millions and millions of people to sign up. This allowed Google to extend their web presence to millions if not billions of websites and it now generates millions of dollars in advertising revenue for Google.

One of the driving forces behind Google Adsense is its signifigance to each and every page on the blog/website; the program scans the page and looks up keywords appearing in the website copy and automatically displays relevant ads. This increases the chances of people clicking through the results are very targeted ads in front of very qualified traffic. What does that mean to the blogger/website owner? It means they have the opportunity to put more money in their pocket not to mention putting more money in Google’s pocket.

Many of the so called web gurus are multiplying their income by operating several blogs / websites and attempting to attract as many targeted visitors as possible using high quality niche articles. Once the sites are fine tuned with good content and quality keywords, they can be left alone, but still keep on generating income each and every day. Occasional updates can keep the sites fresh, and help search engine placement.

It is no surprise Google adsense is the most widely used form of advertising; they have created a “pay-per-click” program where advertisers do not pay for ads that are not clicked on by visitors, and website owners are paid more for each click than they would if the system were based on the number of people viewing those ugly banner ads.

All in all Google adsense has developed itself into a powerful tool, used by the masses. There are imitators that are popping up everywhere. Azoogle is another company that is offering pay per click advertising. I have set up an account and I will be comparing the two programs over the next few months. I have heard many great things about them, and I am very anxious to see the results.

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