Thursday, November 30, 2006

Finding a needle in a haystack

What this have to do with making money online? It's a very simple analogy. This blog is the needle in the haystack otherwise known as the internet. The question is how do you get people to find your blog or website in the millions upon millions of sites that are out there. That is the billion dollar question, or in my case I will settle for $100,000 every year. Not asking for much am I?
Think of it this way, there is no sense in creating keyword rich sites, with adsense or other forms of pay per click advertising if no one is ever seeing it to click on it. Your not going to make one red cent unless of course someone accidently clicks on your link. So what can we do to make the haystack smaller or the needle much much bigger?

We need to generate traffic. There are basically 3 way of generating traffic. Buying it, trading it, or generating it for free. Remember....Free is good!!

Free Traffic - Something from nothing

1) Register your url with search engines. This can be time consuming finding all the search engines, then filling out information, your url, general description, keywords, etc. With hundreds of search engines out there, this can take hours, unless of course you find yourself some software to do the work for you. The software can be expensive, but can save you incredible amount of time. Submitwolf can register your website/blog links to over 500,000 link pages in matter of seconds. With over 3,000,000 copies downloaded, SubmitWolf v7.0 is the leading submission program on the Internet today.

There are also websites that will submit your site/blog for you to 30-40+ search engines at a time. Free of charge. is one of the sites that can do it for you. They also have a few other great tools free of charge that you can use to make your site better and more visible. Just remember submit it only once a month. If you try to submit it more often, the search engines can hold it against you. Killing all your traffic to your site that you might have generated from the search engine.

2) Become an expert - I mentioned this in the previous post. Learn everything you can about your topic, get immersed in the topic then become proficient and write and post many articles on your website, blogs, and then post those articles on sites for others to copy and paste as content on their sites. Short, concise articles tend to be keyword rich. Search engines love them, and so people who are using those articles to generate income.

3)Read other blogs on your topic. Get some ideas what others are talking about it, and improve on what they are saying. Add positive comments on blogs and forums, try to create a good conversation, and make sure that your site url is included in the comment. Others that will read your comment may click on your link, to check out what you have on your site. Free traffic. Another tip is to email the writer of the blog/forum and ask for a reciprical link. Nicely ask them if they will link to your site, if you place a link on your site linking back to them. Once again, Free traffic. Try to stick to blogs that are closely linked to your topic, you may generate some great traffic, and you may have repeat viewers.

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